Introducing SOLAR ECLIPSE ™ - absorb and utilize SOLAR Energy to the MAXIMUM. The first green energy headphone in the world that automatically harvest energy from the sun.

We succeeded in implanting the Solar Cells into our headphone to auto-charge the Wireless Bluetooth technology. Now whether you are jogging, walking, hiking or merely having fun out in the sun, you can enjoy unending wireless mobile connectivity and music play with this one and only auto-solar-charging headphone. Forget the days of “Oops! I forgot to charge or Opps I forgot to turn the switch”, as long as the Eclipse is expose to the sun, you’ve got the power, it charges while it plays.

Years of development into drastic environment of heat and humidity, and faced with limited amount of space on the headphone to put solar cells, we finally succeeded!!! Now in just 6 hours of sun, you can enjoy hours of playtime. Hawk-AV’s Solar Eclipse utilizes 40mm driver that delivers excellent listening experience. Drop it, bend it, twist it, the ECLIPSE will remain undamaged. It’s reliability tested to withstand rugged environment.

Order your Solar Eclipse ™ unit now for only $199.50 plus $19.00 shipping.

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